The Manual of Practice Management for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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This key resource provides insight and guidance to managing ambulatory surgery centers (ACSs) from a broad spectrum of expertise. Intended for a wide audience of healthcare professionals, this book covers topics such as regulatory issues, outpatient pediatric anesthesia, inventory management, personnel training, the culture of safety, and sedation standards.

The format found in each chapter is designed intentionally to function as an educational manual. Many chapters are supplemented by high quality figures and tables to aid in visual learning.

This text brings together authors from diverse professions including lawyers, administrators, surgeons, anesthesiologists and architects. Manual of Practice Management for Ambulatory Surgery Centers: An Evidence-Based Guide is a concise and evidence-based guide to successfully operating the modern health care facilities that have transformed the outpatient experience for millions of people.

  • Provides a comprehensive guide for medical directors, administrators, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and perioperative leaders in the management of ASCs
  • Concise and evidence-based guide to common pitfalls and situations that arise during the running of an ASC or office-based practice
  • Resource for ASC and office –based practice leadership in addressing issues that arise during the management of these practices
  • Topics covered include ASC construction, anesthesia billing, sedation standards, protocols, and guidelines, the culture of safety, and outpatient pediatric anesthesia

The Manual of Practice Management for Ambulatory Surgery Centers is a SAMBA publication in collaboration with Springer Nature publishing.