A History of the Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia

B K Philip, MD

Ambulatory Surgery; 1993; 1:77-79

A vision of the future arriving: formation of the Society In 1984, Bernard V Wetchler raised the question, “Do you feel the time is right to start an ambulatory anesthesia society?” At the second annual Symposium on Anesthesia for Ambulatory Surgery sponsored by the Medical College of Virginia, Drs Wetchler, Burton S Epstein and Surinder K Kallar prepared a list of anaesthesiologists who were invited to a meeting ‘to discuss the formation of a Society for Ambulatory Surgery Anesthesia.’ This formative meeting was held during the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 29, 1984. Twenty anaesthesiologists were present and provided input on the formation of the new society. A bye-laws committee was formed chaired by Stanley Bresticker, a nominating committee chaired by Herbert D Weintraub, and an administrative assistance committee chaired by George Rector. Richard Keenan volunteered the Department of Anesthesia at the Medical College of Virginia to serve as the society’s office. Surinder Kallar was elected Secretary pro tern, and Bernard Wetchler was elected President pro tern.

In April 1985, a meeting of the fledgling society was held during the third annual symposium in Williamsburg, Virginia. Dr Stanley Bresticker proposed the name ‘Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia’ (SAMBA) and this was approved. Proposed bye-laws and the formation of a newsletter were reviewed and accepted. The first slate of officers consisted of: President ~ Bernard V Wetchler; President Elect ~ Burton S Epstein; First Vice-President – Beverly K Philip; Second Vice-President ~ Paul F White; Secretary – Surinder K Kallar; Treasurer – Stanley Bresticker; At Large Members of the Board – Harry C Wong. Randolph M Jackson, Herbert D Weintraub and Wallace A Reed. Charter membership was solicited in 1985; by July, SAMBA had 52 charter members and by October, 161 charter members. The Society’s first educational meeting was held in conjunction with the Medical College of Virginia’s programme in April, 1986 and has been held annually since. The first edition of the Society newsletter ‘Ambulatory Anesthesia’ appeared in January, 1986, with Paul White as Editor. By October, 1986, there were 482 anaesthesiologist members as well as four commercial benefactors.

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