SAMBA Bylaws Amendment Proposal

    Dear SAMBA Members,

    In a recent review of the SAMBA Bylaws, our attorney noted that a quorum is not identified. Without a quorum defined in the Bylaws, SAMBA defaults to the Delaware statute which defines a quorum as 1/3 of the active membership. This is a significant portion of SAMBA’s active membership and often there are not enough voting members at the Annual Business Meeting to conduct Society business.

    The Bylaw amendment identifies a quorum as 10% of the active members. The amendment also calls for a vote to be taken by written consent in case business needs to be conducted outside the annual membership meeting.

    Click here to view the current bylaws

    Click here to view the proposed changes and 2016-2017 Slate of Candidates

    The attached also includes the 2016-17 slate of candidates approved at the Business Meeting. Please review the slate and Bylaw amendment in the document attached and cast your ballot by clicking here. To view the current bylaws, please click here

    Thank you,

    Michael Walsh, MD
    Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia