SAMBA Grants

The Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia (SAMBA) is pleased to announce that it is seeking applications for a SAMBA Research Grant, supported by an educational grant from Merck. The application is now closed.

The research grant will provide up to $50,000 over one year (May 2018- May 2019) to support research in ambulatory anesthesia with a focus on the use of sugammadex for reversal of neuromuscular blockade and its impact on patient outcomes after ambulatory surgery. Funding requests will be considered for any amount up to $50,000 and given at the completion of the project at the 34th Annual Meeting in May 2019.


  • The recipient of this grant will be formally announced at the 33rd Annual Meeting in Miami, and the recipient must attend the meeting as part of the grant requirements. Click here for more information on the 33rd Annual Meeting. The recipient is required to present their findings at the 34th Annual Meeting in May of 2019, and write an article for the SAMBA Link Newsletter at the end of the grant period.
  • The subject of the research must address the use of sugammadex for the reversal of neuromuscular blockade in relation to ambulatory anesthesia.
  • All applications must be accompanied by a letter from the applicant's Department Chair or Chair's designee, certifying departmental support for the project.

Applicants at the Fellow, Instructor, or Assistant Professor level must have a letter from a research mentor or supervisor,  indicating the specific role the applicant and mentor will play in the conduct of the project.  Applicants with higher academic ranks may include such letters of support and collaboration. 

Application Requirements

Click here to download the grant guidelines and submission requirements.

  • Funding requests will be considered in any amount up to $50,000. Please note that funding cannot be used for salary to support the applicant or equipment.
  • Funding will be provided at the completion of the project and project presentation at the 34th Annual Meeting in May 2019.
  • If selected, the recipient will need to submit a progress report in October describing progress towards project objectives, expenses made during the first six (6) months of the project, and an updated timeline for completion of the projects and dissemination of results.
  • If selected, the recipient will be expected to submit a final project report no later than May 2019. This will include the following information:
    • All project results
    • A narrative on how the project performed against the original project objectives
    • A full listing of how the grant funds were spent including budget line items for the duration of the project
    • Citation of all abstracts and publications in press or to be published with grant funds. Publications related to this grant after this final report should be reported to the SAMBA Board of Directors.
      • Please note: Any publications/resulting from this funding should contain a statement that such work was “funded by a grant from the Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia and sponsored by an educational grant from Merck".

Application Format

All text portions of the application (excluding attachments and references) should not exceed 15 pages. All documents should be in a 12 point font (Arial or Times Roman) with at least 0.75-inch margins (tables or figures may be in any appropriate font and size).

The application consists of the following parts:

Contact Information for the Principal Investigator 

  •  SAMBA Membership Status
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Full CV
  • Disclosures & Outside Funding Information 

Research Team Information:

  • Please provide CVs & Contact Information for all co-investigators. Information needed for each individual includes:
    • CV & Contact Information
    • Disclosure & Funding Information

Project Summary (Not to exceed 300 words)

    Please provide a brief overview, not to exceed 300 words, of the proposed project. 

    Introduction/Specific Aims (Not to exceed one page)

      Please describe the hypotheses to be tested and specific aims of the project.

      This description should be no longer than one page long. 

      Background/Significance (Not to exceed three double-spaced pages) 

      Please provide a review of the current literature available (up to three pages not including references) and a description outlining the significance of the topic and the need for additional research on the topic. Preliminary data from the investigator or collaborators/mentors may be included but is not specifically required. 


        Each proposal must include a detailed project plan; the project plan should be no more than three double-spaced pages. The proposed project plan must include the research methodology including statistical analysis plan. Please note that the project timeline and project budget will be added as separate attachments in the following sections.

        IRB Approval

          The status of IRB approval must be stated. The investigator is strongly urged to make IRB or other ethics committee application at or before the time of grant submission. When approval is obtained, documentation of the approval should be forwarded to SAMBA. 

          Project Timeline

            All applicants must turn in a project timeline highlighting milestones they plan to achieve. Please note that the following dates are required as a part of the timeline:

            • Progress report with SAMBA in October 2018 
            • Final report to SAMBA in May 2019
            • Final Presentation during the 34th Annual Meeting in May 2019 

            The timeline should also identify any dissemination of funds, additional progress reports with SAMBA aside from the required one in October, and any ongoing activities or milestones after the SAMBA 34th Annual Meeting in May 2019.

              Project Budget

                Applicants are required to include a detailed budget in USD. Please format the budget as an excel document. The budget must detail any line items that will require expenses and highlight which areas of the budget that the research grant will be covering. Applicants must also include a budget narrative (not to exceed one page) that explains the amount that you are requesting. Funding Restrictions: grant funds cannot be used to cover salary support for the investigator or equipment.  Please identify any additional sources of financial and in-kind support in your budget justification. This should include a description of current and pending funding from other sources for the proposed project. The budget explanation should also include a full explanation of whether a member of the proposed research team or any subcontractor is, can be considered as, or is associated with a foreign official or government official. 

                Click here for a budget template.

                Plan for Dissemination of Results (not to exceed one page)

                Please highlight presentation and publication plans for the proposed project.  

                Letters of Recommendation

                Please provide at the minimum one (1), but no more than three (3) letters of support. At least one letter must be from the Department Chairman or Chairman designee certifying departmental support for the proposed project.

                 Click here to download the full list of proposal requirements.