Other Registry Projects: 

    Access to outcomes data is increasingly important in anesthesiology.  There are a number of registry projects in anesthesiology, which take somewhat different approaches.  Two large projects, MPOG and AQI, complement the SCOR project and working cooperatively with us.  The electronic data schema for these projects is compatible with submission to SCOR. 

    MPOG: The Multicenter Perioperative Outcome Group is a primarily research-focused database utilizing data from centers with automated anesthesia records.  By gathering very large sets of electronic data, they are able to study rare serious adverse events.  http://mpog.med.umich.edu/mpog-and-samba

    AQI: The Anesthesia Quality Institute, one of the foundations of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, operates the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry (NACOR).  NACOR accepts any electronic data; because billing data is the most widely available, NACOR has been able to define practice patterns such as type of anesthesia and duration of various procedures.  AQI also maintains an incident reporting system.  http://www.aqihq.org/