Practical Examples


    The user can access their own center information at any time, and download data into a spreadsheet as desired. Monthly reports are posted to the SCOR site for easy download.  Standard reports include:

    • Case profile by age, ASA status, anesthetic type, and surgical specialty
    • Routine outcomes (PONV, PDNV, pain, urinary retention, patient satisfaction)
    • Case times and patient disposition
    • Quality indicators
    • PONV and pain reports

    Access a SCOR Sample Report here.

    Access sample SCOR Graphics reports here. 


    A center director was reviewing time to PACU discharge for her ophthalmology patients, and felt that they were much longer than indicated.  On reviewing this with the nursing staff, she determined that many were still using outdated guidelines to keep patients a minimum amount of time. Updating policies and ensuring that staff understood a criteria-based approach to discharge improved PACU times substantially.

    Staff members at an office-based practice were struck by how many hysteroscopy patients had nausea and vomiting.  They requested a custom SCOR report for hysteroscopic endometrial ablations.  The data showed that the procedure had an overall high incidence of PONV and post-discharge nausea and vomiting, but this center’s rates were quite a bit higher than the average.  Further analysis showed multi-modal anti-emetic therapy was not being given consistently to high-risk patients, and that there was significant variation between providers.  After giving feedback to providers, follow-up data shows an increase in the use of multi-modal therapy, and a significant decrease in post-discharge vomiting. 

    Recent presentations about SCOR:

    Panel Presentation:
    Lucy Everett, MD
    Practice Improvement Using Database Reports: Examples From the SCOR Registry
    American Society of Anesthesiologists 2013 Annual Meeting (San Francisco, CA)

    Abstracts and publications:

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