SCOR Logistics

    Data entry – resource requirements

    Data entry is simple and takes about 2 minutes per patient.  Data can be collected on a paper tool and entered after the follow up information is obtained, or entered in real time by clinical staff at each phase of care using a computer, tablet, or mobile device.  

    Data elements can be extracted from AIMS systems and uploaded to SAMBA as long as the correct format is followed.  In addition, we have participation agreements with the following vendors of anesthesia records for the ambulatory setting.

    SCOR Vendor Partners:

    Plexus Information Systems

    Shareable Ink


    Fee structure

    Subscribers need to hold membership in  SAMBA membership and either become an annual member of ASA or pay the standard AQI participation fee of $1000 that applies to independent anesthesia providers who are not ASA members.

    Data security and confidentiality

    • SCOR is HIPAA compliant since only de-identified data is being sent to SCOR and is stored using a unique SCOR identifier.  Our software vendor is contractually obligated to maintain HIPAA compliance and confidentiality of all information.   If local “log” information is entered to allow providers to match back to the correct patient, this information is accessible only to the individual center, is stored only temporarily after custom encryption to prevent re-linkage to actual patient data.  SCOR staff roles separate the administrative role (with access to the center’s identity) and data manager role (access to case data by coded center ID). 
    • Submission of data to a national or state registry is not considered a research activity when used for “health care operations purposes,” such as benchmarking and/or performance improvement internally.   The individual or department responsible for quality improvement in your institution should be asked to recognize participation in the SCOR Registry as such.
    • SAMBA may choose to publish summary information from the database, and also to answer research questions using de-identified data. SAMBA has obtained waiver of HIPAA patient authorization requirements and waiver of human subjects informed consent requirements from an independent IRB.  Publication of data by any researcher requires permission from the SCOR Research Oversight Committee.