Resident Section Organization


  • to encourage resident interest in ambulatory anesthesia, and to encourage continued membership involvement in residency and beyond
  • to inform residents of the purpose of SAMBA in promoting research and education in ambulatory anesthesia administered in a hospital outpatient center, an ambulatory surgery center or in an office setting.
  • to participate in resident education regarding the practice and current issues of ambulatory anesthesia.
  • to encourage residents to gain experience in organized medical societies, thereby promoting their development as future leaders.


The Resident Section shall consist of a Chair, Chair-Elect, and Members-at-Large, with other positions to be created as needed. Nominations for officers will be solicited annually with elections occurring at the SAMBA Annual Meeting.  


  • Coordinates, edits, and submits the April and October SAMBA Newsletter articles by their deadline.
  • Chairs the affairs of the Resident Section and attends the meetings of the Section.
  • Coordinates the speakers and topics for the Resident’s Conference at the SAMBA Annual Meeting.
  • Works with the SAMBA education committee and  board of directors to program and produce the quarterly webinar.
  • Coordinates the marketting of webinars to residency program directors, SAMBA membership and the anesthesthesiology community.
  • Moderates the fall, winter, and spring webinars.
  • Manages the resident section's social media effort.


  • Coordinates, edits, and submits the January and July SAMBA Newsletter articles by their deadline.
  • Assists the Chair in conducting the affairs of the Resident Section and attends the meetings of the Section
  • Assumes the position of Chair at the end of the first year of duty.
  • Oversees the administrative duties of the resident mentorship program.
  • Moderates the summer quarter webinar.
  • Keeps minutes of all resident section meetings.

Resident Section Handbook

This detailed document describes the section's organization and provides a timeline of activities and events carried out by the resident section and it's officers.  It is made available to section members and officers at the annual meeting and upon request. (Last revised 5/2012)