SCOR: Clinical Outcomes Registry 


    Optimize patient care and improve outcomes

    • Compare your practice to national benchmarks
    • Identify areas for focused improvement
    • Analyze the impact of interventions

    The SAMBA Clinical Outcomes Registry (SCOR) is a web-based database designed to allow ambulatory anesthesia providers to enter information about their cases and track and benchmark outcomes.  SCOR is based on the principle that data can inform us about our own as well as best practices, and that understanding this information can drive quality.  Read more details about SCOR. 

    SCOR data can be entered through a web-based interface or mobile device, or on a paper form to scan and verify.  Data can be extracted from electronic records and sent into SCOR, and we have direct linkages with some vendor partners.  Learn more about SCOR logistics. 

    Participants have used SCOR data to improve discharge times, decrease post-operative nausea and vomiting, and address subsets of patients needing better pain management.  See practical examples and publications about SCOR.