SAMBA 31st Annual Meeting

    Excellence and Innovation Award Presentations

    Congratulations to the abstracts selected for the SAMBA 31st Annual Meeting Excellence and Innovation Awards! These four original research posters scored the highest of all of the abstracts submitted to the SAMBA 31st Annual Meeting, and were presented onsite in Florida at the meeting. Click on the image of the abstract to download the content as a PDF. 

    First Place:
    Sum of Pain Intensity Differences with Oliceridine (TRV130), a Novel µ Receptor G Protein Pathway Selective (µ-GPS) Modulator: Analysis From a Placebo- and Morphine-controlled Phase 2a/b Study in Patients Following Bunionectomy

    Eugene Viscusi, MD, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital; Lynn Webster PRA Heath Sciences, David Soergel, Trevena, Inc.; David Burt, Trevena, Inc.; Franck Skobieranda, Trevena, Inc.



    Second Place:
    The Effect of Zinc Lozenges on Postoperative Sore Throat Syndrome: A Prospective Randomized, Double-blinded, Placebo-controlled Study

    Borzoo Farhang, University of Vermont Medical Center' Lydia Grondin, University of Vermont Medical Center



    Third Place:
    Safety and Efficacy of Sufentanil Sublingual 30 mcg Tablets by Surgery Type for the Treatment of Acute Pain following Outpatient Abdominal Surgery  

    Karen DiDonato, AcelRx Pharmaceuticals; Harold Minkowitz, MD, Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center; Neil Singla, MD, Lotus Clinical Research; Timothy Melson, MD, Hellen Keller Hospital; David Leiman, MD, Victory Medical Center; Pamela Palmer MD, PhD, AcelRx Pharmaceuticals


    Honorable Mention:
    Ventilatory Effects of Gastroenterologist-Administered Sedation for Colonoscopy 

    Karl Kristiansen (Medical Student), University of Vermont College of Medicine; Jackson T. Mathews, University of Vermont College of Medicine; Don M. Mathews, MD , University of Vermont College of Medicine; James Vecchio, MD, University of Vermont College of Medicine