Renew your SAMBA Membership Today

    Already a member of SAMBA? Renew your membership for 2016 today! In 2016, SAMBA will offer:

    SAMBA Multi-Year Memberships

    SAMBA offers its members the option to join for multiple years at once. See below for the multi-year membership price structure for each membership category.

    Active Member
    $250 (through 2016)
    $470 (through 2017)
    $690 (through 2018)

    Affiliate Member
    $250 (through 2016)
    $470 (through 2017)
    $690 (through 2018)

    International Member
    $75 (through 2016)
    $150 (through 2017)
    $225 (through 2018)

    Resident Member
    $25 (through 2016)
    $50 (through 2017)
    $75 (through 2018)

    Renew Now

    If you currently maintain an individual membership, you can renew your own membership.  As an individual, you may follow the steps below to complete the renewal process online:

    1. Login to your membership account.
    2. Click on My Profile under the My Options drop down near the top right of the site.
    3. In My Profile, from either the Profile or Membership tab, you can then select "Add Individual Membership" from the Actions drop down menu.
    4. Once you select "Add Individual Membership" you can then select the appropriate membership type you would like to renew as.  Your current membership type will default as the selected option.
    5. After the type is selected, complete the steps to update your personal profile.
    6. Once completed, you can continue through the billing step to generate your invoice and provide payment by credit card or check.

    Please note: SAMBA membership is non-refundable.