SAMBA Annual Meeting Registration Rates

    SAMBA Membership Status Early Rate by March 23 Regular Rate after March 23
    SAMBA Member  $750.00 $850.00
    Non-member Anesthesiologists* $850.00 $950
    AA and Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) $725.00 $775.00
    Nurses $575.00 $625.00
    Residents $99.00 $99.00
    Other Non-Physicians (Administrators)  $475.00 $525.00

    *Registration includes one year free membership. This only applies to those attendees that have not been a SAMBA member within the past 5 years. Active Membership requires membership within ASA.

    SAMBA Membership Dues Schedule

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    Active Member
    $250 (through 2015)
    $470 (through 2016)
    $690 (through 2017)

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    Are you working as an ambulatory or office-based anesthesiologist in the US or Canada?

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    Active members of SAMBA can vote, hold office, and serve on the Board of Directors.

    Affiliate Member
    $250 (through 2015)
    $470 (through 2016)
    $690 (through 2017)

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    Are you active in the field of ambulatory or office-based anesthesiology but not a practicing anesthesiologist (CRNA, practice administrator, nurse, teacher, scientist)?

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    Affiliate members cannot vote, hold office, or serve on the Board of Directors, but can be appointed as adjunct members of SAMBA's committees.

    Resident Member
    $25 (through 2015)
    $50 (through 2016)
    $75 (through 2017)

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    Are you in full-time training in an anesthesiology residency program?

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    No member may be classified in this category for more than a total of four (4) years, but is granted the same privileges as Active Members for the duration of their membership

    International Member
    $75 (throught 2015)
    $150 (throught 2016)
    $225 (throught 2017)

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    Are you a practicing anesthesiologist outside the United States and Canada?

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    An International member does not hold voting privileges nor is eligible to hold office unless the physician is a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists

    Retired Member

    Have you retired from the field of Ambulatory Anesthesia? 

    Contact the SAMBA Executive Office at today to learn more about membership. 

    International Group Membership

    Are you part of an international anesthesiology society or association that may be interested in having a group of their members join SAMBA?

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