SCOR Update

SCOR Update:

Several years ago, Drs. Lucy Everett, Peter Glass, and Doug Merrill accepted the task of creating an outcomes database for SAMBA.  The SAMBA Clinical Outcomes Registry (SCOR) has been a large undertaking requiring significant financial support from SAMBA as well as countless hours of work by a core group of dedicated members that included Drs. Brian Parker, Meena Desai, Mike Walsh and Karen Carlson.  In recent years, as it has become evident that this product may not be sustainable in the long term, SAMBA leadership has looked for opportunities to continue to provide a meaningful and usable database for its members.  SAMBA recently entered into an agreement with the ASA and AQI to develop an Ambulatory database and outcomes reporting component through AQI. In anticipation of this collaboration, SAMBA will stop accepting new SCOR participation agreements immediately and will direct any requests to AQI. In the next few months, SAMBA will deliver specific notification to participants about the timeline for the transition to the new AQI platform.  SAMBA remains committed to providing its members with a database that adds value to their practices.

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