Join Us for the Office Based Anesthesia Mini-Symposium During the SAMBA 32nd Annual Meeting

The OBA Committee is excited to present expert discussions and controversial topics in office based anesthesia at the Office Based Anesthesia Mini Symposium during the SAMBA 32nd Annual Meeting. The unique challenges faced by many anesthesiologists regarding clinical practices and the running of an office based anesthesia business can be overwhelming and daunting for most.

We will begin this new symposium with patient selection, OBA emergencies, and mobile anesthesia. There will be different case scenarios presented to the audiences in a pro versus con debate.  Your participation in the patient selection debates will deliver insight to what our peers are practicing across the country. Office-based emergencies and fatalities continue to attract local and national news. We will discuss current office based emergencies and the practices to avoid and handle these emergencies in your practice. As part of the discussion panel, experts will give recommendations for management of malignant hyperthermia in office surgery.

Our symposium panel will demonstrate how to be mobile with your anesthesia practice. Our expert speaker will discuss the best methods to move your mobile anesthesia practice from office to office. Learn the latest mobile anesthesia equipment and pharmaceutical supplies needed for a successful mobile anesthesia practice.

The second half of the seminar's discussions and presentations will focus on the practical management and accreditation policies unique to office based anesthesia. You will gain a better understanding of insurance coding, billing, and collections in OBA. Patient safety standards, recommendations, and office based anesthesia accreditations are all included in the second half. You will not want to miss how to strategize and market your office based anesthesia practice to increase your practice's value and profit.

Join us for an exciting and invigorating symposium. Learn what the future holds for office-based anesthesia and what our next steps should be. We look forward to your attendance and participation!

If you have any questions about the Office Based Anesthesiology Mini-Symposium, please contact the chair of the OBA Committee and the moderator for the symposium, Dr. Rosalind Ritchie.

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